Eclipse Repository

You can use our Eclipse Repository for an easy installation of the GeneSEZ Generator Framework into your Eclipse application. All you need is a installed and running Eclipse which you can download under

Installation Flow

To install the GeneSEZ Generator Framework open the Install Wizard by clicking Help > Install New Software .... This opens a new window.

Next add one of the Eclipse Repository to the right by clicking Add. In the add site dialog, give our site a name such as "GeneSEZ Releases" and enter the URL such as "".

After adding the site by clicking OK, wait for the search to finish and choose the GeneSEZ Framework from the list by selecting the feature.

Proceed with the installation by clicking Next, then press Next again in the following dialog.

Review our licence agreements for the features. If the terms of the licence are acceptable for you, check "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and click Finish. Do not proceed to download the features if the licence terms are not acceptable for you. In such a case please contact us.

Once the GeneSEZ Framework has been downloaded and installed successfully into your Eclipse application, a new configuration will be formulated. Click Yes when you asked to exit and restart the workbench for the changes to take effect.