Release of GeneSEZ 2.1

02/01/2012 08:00

A new GeneSEZ release is planned for March, 1st.

We plan to release version 2.1 on March, 1st. It will contain several new features and some structural changes. The documentation has been revised.

New Features:

  • Core: Documentation generation (UML model or UML profile to LaTeX or docbook)
  • Core: Deletion of outdated files and folders
  • Core: GeneSEZ project wizard for Eclipse
  • Core: Generator features for a more advanced project specific customization of the framework
  • Core: Reengineering of the statistical analysis of the source code
  • .NET: C# screencast
  • Typo3: Developing extensions based on Extbase and Fluid
  • Java: Improved usability of WebService profile (JWS)
  • Java: Support for hashCode and equals operations for classes
  • Java: Default implementation of hashCode and equals operations for entity beans
  • Java: Support of Java Bean Validation annotations (JBV profile)
  • Java: Support of selected Hibernate validation annotations (JHV profile)


  • Core: Import problem solved
  • Core: Memory usage reduced (stack overflow caused by heap size)