Birthday Symposium on March, 29th

03/29/2012 09:00

The research group GeneSEZ turns 5 and we want to celebrate this event with a symposium on the topic model-based systems engineering on March, 29th. The primary target is to point out the relevance and advantages of model-based methodology and how the students of Zwickau are prepared to apply this methodology in practice.

The first speaker, Gundula Blohm from Cassidian (subsidiary company of EADS) in Ulm, will present the model-based systems engineeing process applied in several projects of Cassidian. She will give us an overview and point out the steps which have to be done by humans and which steps are suitable for automatization by using tools.

The second talk focuses on the generator framework GeneSEZ. It is used for generating artifacts, especially source code, from UML models and therefore it is one of the tools which can be used to automate model-based systems engineering. GeneSEZ is based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), uses its own meta model for code generation and is highly customizable. The speaker Tobias Haubold, Nico Herbig und Peter Huster are all members of the research group which develops and maintains the generator framework.

After presenting a ready-to-use tool for supporting the model-based engineering, the third talk focuses on an actual research project. The design of the system architecture is one of the steps which are done by humans and therefore the result has to be validated against the corresponding requirements. The developed approach is model-based and supports the architect in his work to validate the system architecture. The speakers are Christian Poßögel and André Pflüger.

The fourth talk focuses on elicitation of requirements which is the base for every project and which also has to be done by humans. Disregarding the requirements is one of the major mistakes in the engineering process often leading to problems during the development or in worst case to project failure. The speakers Chris Rupp and Malik Tayeh from SOPHIST GmbH in Nuremberg will share their experience in requirements engineering with focus on agile projects.

The symposium is going to start at 9 am and is expected to finish at 4:30 pm. It will take place in the Aula (Peter-Breuer-Straße 3) at the University of Applied Science Zwickau, Dr.-Friedrichs-Ring 2a. The participation is for free.