GeneSEZ Framework

GeneSEZ has its roots in the goal to ease UML based source code generation and a strict separation of modeling languages between the modeling and mdsd tool. By providing its own meta models and the concepts of model adapters and platforms it evolved to a tool with the broader scope to support software engineers and arcitects. This support includes:

  • doing studip and repetitive tasks, e.g. generating souce code following a pattern or paradigm
  • helping with documentation: source code documentation, glossarys, interface descriptions
  • helping by realizing requirements

GeneSEZ suggests consequent uses of model information throughout the development process and provides a quick start to just try and evalutate model driven techniques.

Figure 1: GeneSEZ as a black box

Figure 1 illustrates GeneSEZ as a black box. It can use analysis and design models as input and produces a wide range of output such as source code, documentation and requirements traceability information. For this purpose it relies on eclipse modeling technologies and their GeneSEZ specific adjustments.